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Commercial Pilot Licence
Are you ready to start your professional pilot career? Acquiring a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is one of tickets for being hired by an airline. It provides you chances and job opportunities as a professional commercial pilot. Student will have to use their previous aviation knowledge as the fundamental, and eventually learning more advanced flying skills and procedures.

Our CPL course has included a RPL, PPL and CPL training, as required by CASA's teaching syllabus. Upon graduation, you will be expecting to get your commercial pilot license.

12-18 months

Commercial Pilot Licence

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Learning Outcome

The aim of our commercial pilot license course is to help students achieve their goal by getting their CPL, and so they can start their own commercial flying career. Upon completion of the course, students can achieve their dream and become professional pilots.

The possible/ related careers include:

– Civil Aviation Routes

– Flying Instructors

– Business Jet

– Agricultural and forestry operations

– Aerial Photography Operations

– Emergency Rescue Operations

– Recreational Flight

– Search and Rescue Operations

Required documents

1. Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

2. Class I Medical Certificate

3. ICAO English Language Proficiency Level 4

Commercial Pilot License Course

This professional training course ensure you to reach or even exceed the minimum requirement of Part 61 CASA’s manual of standards (MOS).

Commercial Pilot Licence training allows you to familiarize with the following aspects:

– High standards of theorectical knowledge and opearational practice

– Fast and accurate flight plan

– Safe and effective aircraft control

 – Maneuverable flight decision

– Reliable visual navigation skills

– Flight experience in controlled and uncontrolled airspace

CPL Theory Exam

Before sitting a CPL flight test, students are asked to complete studying the 7 subjects of a CPL, and they must get a minimum of ‘PASS’ mark in the CASA’s theory exam. The 7 subjects are as follow:

1. Navigation (CNAV)

2. Meteorology (CMET)

3. Human Factors (CHUF)

4. Flight Rules and Air Laws (CLWA)

5. Aerodynamics (CADA)

6. Aircraft General Knowledge (CSYA)

7. Operations, Performance and Flight Planning (CFPA)


*The theory exam is based on CASA’s part 61 Manual of Standard (MOS); Apart from flight rules and air laws (CLWA), in which a pass mark of 80% is required, other subjects require a pass mark of 70%. All the exams will need to be completed within 2 years.

Program Details

Target Audience: Students who completed the PPL courses, who would like to learn something more advanced, or those who would like to get into the aviation industry.

Program Features: A comprehensive system of ground theory and one-to-one instructing in flight.

Program Details: 200 hours flying courses

Program Length: 12 – 18 months



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