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Private Charter

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Whether you want to rent a private plane for business or leisure, our team is always ready and will provide the best flying experiences.
Luxurious interior, beautiful appearance, professional flying, the scene just seen in the movie is no longer out of reach! Through VIP charter flights, you can enjoy all the above-mentioned imperial services.
Our private charter services provide the best privacy, comfort and style while maintaining high safety and security.
Private Charter | Business Flying

Pegasus Air Services Charter Operations

Australia’s only officially designated

Diamond Flight Centre (DFC)



The most prestigious twin-engine aircraft

Diamond DA42 NG

is now officially opened for Charter Flights


World’s top aircraft brand – Diamond Aircraft Industries

has officially designated Pegasus Air Services

on the 1st of August 2022

as the only official Diamond Flight Centre in Australia

Here at Pegasus, you will be able to see the full range of the latest Diamond Aircraft

All crew members are selected and trained professional under the Diamond Aircraft Industries syllabus

Pegasus is committed to providing everyone with the safest and the most comfortable flying experience

Pegasus’ twin-engine aircraft is the latest version of the Diamond Aircraft – a four-seater Diamond DA42 NG

Using the world’s trending engine – Austro Engine,

as well as a safe and eco-friendly fuel type – Jet-A1 fuel

It can reach a top speed of 365 kilometres per hour, 

the maximum cruising altitude of 18,000 feet, and

range up to 2250 kilometres

Why should you select Pegasus as your charter flight option?

Extensive experience in the industry

Group 832 (3)

Professional and knowledgable


Effective, efficient and convenient


Diamond Aircraft - Your ideal aircraft for Charter

Splendid and magnificient

Luxurious and advanced

Private and securew


Private Charter

Group 835

Now you can book a private charter to fly directly to the winery!

The cost is also an unexpected surprise!

We have a choice of 2-seaters and 4-seaters. A private Michelin restaurant wine date or a wine and chocolate tour with the whole family are all very special experiences!

Business Charter

Group 836

Private charter are usually rented for business activities, especially when time is limited, such as travelling to a business partner to negotiate business, signing contracts, meetings, etc.; private charters are needed in these cases.

There are some considerations when taking a business charter flight. The number of the person on board, destination, model, charter days, etc.

Diamond's DA42 NG aircraft is designed for either business or leisure travel; The aircraft uses the world's leading technology - Austro Engine, as well as a safe and eco-friendly fuel type - Jet-A1 fuel.

It can reach a top speed of 365 kilometres per hour, the maximum cruising altitude of 18,000 feet, and range up to 2250 kilometres. 

The DA42 NG aircraft is Diamond's aircraft industry's twin engine aircraft; It is a four-seaters aircraft with maximum comfiness, and compared to other aircraft, it is way more quiet, eco-friendly and secure.


Fleet Type

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DA42 2

Piper warrior III PA28

Four-seaters/ single engine

Diamond DA40 NG
Four-seaters/ single engine

Robin R2160
Two-seaters/ single engine

Diamond DA42
Four-seaters/ twin engine

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