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澳洲航空局注册141飞行学院 CASA. 141 FT0.0282
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Experience the most exciting flight movement, the best flight experience, let centrifugal force and weightlessness become your most memorable flight experiences.
Come and spend an exciting peak flying journey with us! Whether you are longing for a free and easy scenic journey like a bird or looking for the adrenaline bursting aerial roller coaster screaming experience, we are always on call! Pegasus Flying School allows you to experience first-hand exciting maneuvers that were limited to air show pilots and fighter pilots in the past: air tumbling, big maneuvers, 8 slews and more!
30 minutes/ 60 minutes
Aerobatics Experiences
From $699
Group 833 (1)
Group 829 (1)
Group 832 (1)
Group 830 (1)

Clothing/ Equipment

Comfortable and fitted clothes, trousers for getting on and off the plane, flat-bottomed or mid-low wedges. The school will provide a headset, and you can optionally wear a baseball cap and sunglasses.

*Other precautions: Avoid wearing jackets with wide cuffs and wearing earrings.

Endorsements/ Ratings

The course is designed based on CASA standard syllabus

Group 133

Aerobatics Endorsement

Night VFR Rating

Multi-engine Endorsement

CSU and RU Endorsement

Our Wings Carry Your Dreams


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