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CASA registered 141 flying school

CASA. 141 FT0.0282

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Sydney's first and currently only CASA-registered 141 Chinese Flying School. It is located in Bankstown Airport, Sydney's largest navigable airport. The chief instructor of the school is a senior flight instructor in Sydney. All faculty members under the school are CASA certified and they have very rich teaching experience for both local and international students. The school maintains a well-recognized zero flight accident safety record in the industry.

Our Brand

Pegasus is the most famous horse god in Greek deification. She has a white body and fantastic wings. Born of Medusa and Poseidon, the god of the sea, it implies the continuous surpassing of the pinnacle of life by the lofty ambitions of Tianma and the starry sky.

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Group 829 (2)

Our Team

Bill Whitworth
Honorary Dean of the College

The highest level flight examiner / 35,000+ flight hours experience
Inducted into the 2011 Qantas Hall of Fame

Li Zhuang (Chinese)
Founder and CEO of Pegasus Air Services
Australia’s first Chinese female aerobatic competition pilot
Chairman of the Australian Chinese Pilot Association (ACPA)

Flying hours: 500+
Aerobatics hours: 100+
Languages: Chinese / English

Fernando Villalon (Australian)
Head of Operations (HOO)/ Grade I instructor/ CASA recognised flight examiner

Flying hours: 2500+
Language: English

Amy Chang (Australian)
Grade II instructor
Flying hours: 1500+
Languages: Chinese/ English
Morgan Shih (Chinese)
Grade II instructor
Flying hours:600+
Languages: Chinese/ English/ Cantonese
Group 844
Kozue Takeda (Japanese)
Grade II instructor
Flying experiences: 2600+ flying hours
Languages: English/ Japanese
Ben Rout (Australian)
Grade II instructor/ ME teaching instructor

Flying hours: 1000+
Languages: English

Ken Ting (Chinese)
Grade II instructor
Flying hours:500+
Languages: Chinese/ English/ Cantonese



Warrior PA28

Group 849

Archer PA28

Group 847

Cirrus SR20


Robin R2160


Diamond DA40


Diamond DA42

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