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30 minutes training area trial flight
Interested in the aviation industry? Or basic flying? Our 30 minutes trial flight experience allows you to understand aviation more by flying the plane yourself (either 2-seaters or 4-seaters). You will be flying with one of our instructors and will be able to hold the control stick for the first time under supervision.

30 minutes flying + 10 minutes ground briefing


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Suitable for

Members who are interested in flying, or the aviation industry, would like to know more about planes, and those who fly for the first time.

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Program Features

This program allows students who are new to the industry, or those who have limited experience to start their aviation career by understanding the fundamental of aviation and aircraft knowledge, and basic flying. Members will be able to fly for the first time, enjoy the view and feel the excitement of flying a plane, under the supervision of our flight instructors.

Program Content

Students will be able to hold the control stick and control columns, fly the aircraft themselves, under the supervision of our instructors. The whole flight includes pre-flight ground briefings, pre-flight inspections and 30 minutes of flight experience. You will also be able to get feedback from the instructors after the flight so that improvements can be made for the next flight.


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Piper Warrior III PA28

4-seaters / single engine

Robin R2160
2-seaters/ single engine

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