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Private Pilot Licence
Like to fly and travel everywhere by yourself? Then you must obtain a private pilot licence! Pegasus' classic flight course is your best option. This licence is different from the recreational flight licence. It allows you to fly beyond the 25 nautical miles from the airport, which means you can fly to other places and land at other airports. The course content includes basic flying, navigation, map reading, etc.

The course consists of a Recreational Pilot License (RPL) and Private Pilot License (PPL). The course is designed based on the standard CASA syllabus. Upon completion, you will obtain a Private Pilot License.

6 - 12 months

Private Pilot Licence


Learning Outcome

A private pilot licence authorises you to fly an aeroplane as the pilot in command or co-pilot while the aeroplane is engaged in private operations, or as the pilot in command in flying training operations. You will be able to fly an aircraft that is:

  • powered by a single engine that is not rocket or turbine-powered
  • not more than 5700 kg at a maximum certified take-off weight

PPL is an internationally recognised flight licence. Through licence conversion, you can have the same flight qualification in other countries.
(This course is designed based on CASA standard syllabus)

Program Details

Each student who joins our school will have their flight instructor, who tailor the flight courses according to their actual learning situation. Each time before getting into the aircraft, students will have a pre-flight briefing in the classroom. And after each flight, the flight instructor will conduct a post-flight briefing with students to review their flight performance.

When the instructor thinks that you have met the CASA exam standards, they will then make an appointment with the CASA examiner to arrange your PPL flight test.

At this stage, you can flexibly decide your own training schedule, and make appointments with the instructor in advance.

Program Details

 Private Pilot LicencePPL (includes RPL)
Target AudienceStudents who have completed their RPL flight course and want to continue learning to get their private pilot licence.
Program FeatureA comprehensive system of ground theory and one-to-one instructing in flight.
Program Details60 hours of DUAL flying

15 hours of PIC flying
23 hours of ground theory
Program Length6-12 months (depending on students’ frequency of flying)


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Piper Warrior PA28
single engine


Robin R2160
single engine


Diamond DA42
twin engine

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